More Questions Over Historical Inventory


I would like to put forth some questions to Ann Frank regarding her letter on history of Historic Inventory.

Who were members of city council and who were on the advisory board. One name was Arnold Hano, founding member of Village Laguna.

Who hired these consultants? You state that all homeowners were notified by mail. Were the letters sent registered with signatures required? What did the letters say – how informative was it, were contacts given in this letter for further information?

You state only 10 people responded that seems to imply most people were not interested. If people did not reply, did the committee assume homeowners agreed to be put on list?

Since then, I would suspect not all new homeowners were informed, especially if the original party did not know they were on the list.

Lots of vague, evasive and I think misinformation in the letter by Ms. Frank. I may add that 1981 is a long time ago. Also, the website for today’s Historical Society does not name board members. Why is that?

I think that the plan suggested by Larry Nokes makes sense. We should not agree to accept the method described in Ms. Frank’s letter as being fair, legal, or binding today. Especially if the whole process was dictated by people who I suspect many were members of Village Laguna and were eager to take over the future of Laguna Beach.

Ganka Brown, Laguna Beach

Originally published in The Indy, December 15, 2016

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  1. Nampet & David Panichpant-michelsen on January 25, 2017 at 9:07 pm

    Totally in support of Ganka Brown Dec 15,2016 on questions to Ann Frank. …as well as Dec 2, 2016 ‘Signing on for Nokes Historic Preservation Solution’
    Letter to LetLagunaLive website Editor by James Hamilton.

    Didn’t receive your mailed Jan 19,2017 letter re reminder of Jan 26, 2017 Design Review committee hearing until Jan 24, 2017 after our return from an out of state family funeral trip as well as the precious info on the existence of Let LagunaLive website which we very much appreciate.
    Concerned that our experience is not the minority but similar to the majority of the 500 busy homeowners …seeking timely information, solutions, leadership, & strategies on how to deal with this burdensome, time/energy sucking & ugly railroading of our homeowner rights in South Laguna Beach, USSR !!!!!

    Who’s going to help us address the impact of this ‘American Dream’ that’s turned into our ‘Nightmare’?

    Nampet Panichpant-Michelsen
    David Michelsen

    PS: Not so familiar w the fine prints of property laws/ownership here. May be Mr Nokes can help the City ‘Design Review + Historic Preservation Committees ‘ clarify ….How is this process different than local government eminent domain of property owners rights via unabashed guise of ‘Style Mafia’ undertaking ‘Laguna Beach Charm’ enforcement over our civil rights? How much more time & energy do we need to spend dealing with this outrageous insanity of ‘committee’s’ overreaching enforcement of Eurocentric/disneycentric visual idealization of ‘1900’s California Beach Town’ that’s pickled in their imagination but not functionally liveable nor economically survivable!

    Reminder from our family elders whose ancestors were builders, architects, artists & artisan of 1200 & currently functioning 700 year old UNESCO world Heritage Buddhist cities in Southeast Asia:
    ‘Managing change thru civility, compassion, trust & mindful understanding will safeguard the outcome than allowing fear/distrust to control our beloved & constantly evolving community’

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