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Letter to Laguna Beach Planning Commission Requesting Continuance and Subcommittee

Let Laguna Live! August 30, 2017 To: Honorable Chairperson Whitin and Distinguished Members of the Laguna Beach Planning Commission “Let Laguna Live!” believes that Staff failed to incorporate the specific direction of the Commission into the most recent draft of the proposed ordinance. While the draft seems to eliminate references to the inventory by name,…

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Old Letter Reflects Original Intent of Historical Preservation Rules

In a letter I found in my files dated April 24, 1992, on city stationary sent to me, I was informed my home had been listed on the city’s Historic Resources Inventory. In the second paragraph of the letter there is the statement “that participation in the city’s Historic Preservation Program is completely voluntary.” Former…

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Hardships for Homeowners Under Proposed Preservation Rules

A new involuntary historic preservation ordinance would create for us a financial disaster. After a lifetime of voluntarily preserving a 1927 cottage, an involuntary ordinance would create a markdown of at least at $1 million. This is in terms of property value for resale and does not include the additional and impossible burden of trying…

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