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Response to City FAQ by Larry Nokes

  RESPONSE TO CITY “FAQ” By Laurence P. Nokes, Esq. And Let Laguna Live! A.    Introduction We have received and reviewed the City’s “FAQ” letter sent to people who own homes listed on City’s Historic Inventory. While we believe the document was “well intentioned,” it is based on 2 false premises: 1) That houses on…

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Presentation to the Planning Commission by Barbara Smith

As I look out of my windows, I see rows and rows of enormous homes. They are beautiful and unique in their own way. These homes were built by individuals who had the means to make substantial improvements. Time after time, all of the small cottages in my neighborhood were sold, torn down and new…

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Our Request to the City

We have asked that the City make the following disclosures to the public tomorrow night, in light of the FAQ positions they have taken: 1. The current inventory creates no presumption of historicity and is not valid for any CEQA purpose. 2. That the intention of the city is to merge the old inventory into…

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