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Preservation Ordinance Should be Put to a Citywide Vote

Editor, After attending the special City Council meeting on Saturday, Dec. 16, I came away thinking, do the residents and property owners of Laguna Beach ready need “this?” Only one of my 11 North Laguna neighbors, who I met as I took a morning walk, thinks it’s a good idea. The other 10 gave it…

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Legal Reasons Why a Mandatory Plan is Not Required

VIA ELECTRONIC AND FIRST CLASS MAIL Kelly Boyd, Mayor Rob Zur Schmiede, Mayor Pro Tem Steve Dicterow, Councilmember Toni Iseman, Councilmember Bob Whalen, Councilmember Re: Historic Preservation Ordinance Dear Mayor Boyd and Council Members: Recent discussions of the revisions to the Historic Preservation Ordinance have generated much discussion of General Plan and CEQA mandates. Some…

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