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By Heidi Miller posted on Next Door 9/8/22 PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE – Vote NO on Q. As a 43 year business owner and 43 year resident in Laguna Beach I ask you please VOTE NO ON “Q”. It would be the single most disastrous thing to happen in Laguna Beach for retail, for business, for…

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Fanatic Preservationists Are Hurting Laguna Families

By Daniel Rosenthal Historic preservation efforts by the Laguna Beach Historic Preservation Coalition, a close affiliate of Village Laguna, and ardent preservationist Cathy Jurca go too far when they start to ruin the lives of families who are just trying to do the right thing. In addition to suing the City in their attempt to…

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City Council Passes Voluntary Historic Preservation Ordinance

Congratulations to you all for the huge step toward freeing your homes from the burdens of involuntary historic designations and accompanying restrictions. Without our steady voices and support in over 30 public hearings conducted since 2016, this could have gone a different way. But we hung in, and the City Council passed the ordinance at…

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